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My name is Olivier Philipp

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Hi World! I doubt my life has some interest to anyone, but just in case, here it is:
My name is Olivier Philipp, I’m  years old, and even if my job today is managing people, my background and roots are definitly IT-related. I started programming when I was 12 years old with the 6502 processor of my old Apple II. A few years later, my parents bought me an Apple 2GS. I loved that computer and I developed a lot of games such as "Reversal Game", "Space Shark", "Teenage Queen"…(I still get to find some disk image available over the net today!). After I turned 18, I began to program in Pascal/Delphi/C/C++ on PC and Mac (but of course a lot of ASM 80386/68030 too). At 25 I graduated from ESIEA high-school, then got married and became the father to a beautiful daughter followed by a son, truly one of a kind! Late nights and children didn’t stop me to continue and take interest in SQL, Databases and the Internet. Now I just program for fun, in my spare time, and play around with HTML5, javascript, application for mobile and smartphone, smartwatches and Hi-tech gadgets. I also like to spend time on the Unity Game Engine even if it gives me headaches!
Have I other centers of interest? Well… I also play guitar, computer and board games with friends. I love to look the sky with my telescope, watch movies and make my own, ride my motorcycle (sometimes too fast) and help my family with their own computer crisis.
My all-time favorite band is Iron Maiden, even if I listen all kinds of music (except Hateful Rap Song). Finally, few things I like: Philip K. Dick, The Prisoner series, Synology Products...
Be seeing you!

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Twitter: @ophilipp69
Phone: +33 6 XX XX XX 69