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What is mTAIL ?

mTAIL is a Windows Program that works like the Unix Command TAIL.
It's free, no ads, no pubs, no DLL... so enjoy !

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All ideas to improve mTAIL are welcome !


Current version : v1.9.3 (12-31-2014) [MM-DD-YYYY]

Download the program : mTAIL

Download sample Color Coding Ini : mTAIL_cc.ini
Download the documentation (pdf) : mTAIL v1.8.12 documentation

Previous versions can be downloaded from the Revision History

If you want to support mTAIL, you can do a donation :

mTAIL is FREE and distributed without cost (see legal notice below).

But if you use mTAIL in a business environment, I encourage you to register mTAIL using the corporate/professional PayPal Link bellow (you will get by eMail your registration code). The donation is 20,00 EUR (aprox. $30,00 USD).

Thanks to your donations I have bought the new Delphi XE4. THANKS A LOT !

The registration code should arrive within a day by eMail. If not, please let me know.

Corporate License is a Lifetime License. Yes, donate for the program only the first time and get all new versions for FREE.

If you want to register mTAIL for a corporate/professional use, you can donate for a license :
Registration Name
Registration eMail
Corporate/professional 10 licenses PACK (25% donation discount):
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Corporate/professional 25 licenses PACK (37.5% donation discount):
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Corporate/professional 50 licenses PACK (50% donation discount):
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Registration Name will appear on mTAIL caption bar. Registration eMail is used to send "new version" notification.

mTAIL revision history (MM-DD-YYYY)

# = comment
+ = new feature
* = improved feature
! = fixed bug
- = removed feature

v1.9.6 build 971 (02-24-2016)
! Many parameters problems fixed

# more internal changes for multitab coming in v2.0

v1.9.3 build 895 (12-31-2014)
* ESC char now works only when mTail is active (that prevents unwanted closing :-)
* New command line /finv to invert filter and /ontop to put mTail on top
+ you can now tail from 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% or from end of the file. This is very useful to see, for example, the header of a big file: Put 0% to see the header, go back to 100% to tail. To set this position, right-click on the status pane displaying the "lines read".

v1.9.1 build 879 (12-12-2013) - Limited diffusion
* Alert feature now in File Manager (some Alert parameters could be lost and should re-entered)
+ Alert by mail can be buffered to avoid Alert Spaming
* mTail.ini now only write non-empty fields to reduce his size
! Filter and alarm fileds in File Manager are now set when tailing

v1.9.0 build 856 (10-02-2013)
+ New command line option /finv invert the filter
# update to Delphi XE4
# more and more internal changes for multitab coming in v2.0

v1.8.12 build 832 (02-19-2013)
* File sorting now accepts numeric sorting and RegExp sorting :-)
* RDNS now detects more IP addresses (leading = and more)
# some internal changes for multitab coming in v2.0

v1.8.10 build 820 (12-11-2012)
! The File list was not displayed correctly when bigger than screen height
! Analyse % was incorrect when read buffer was too big
# Update to Raize 6.1.1

v1.8.9 build 811 (11-21-2012)
! Alarm mail was not send if SMTP authentication was set
! Clearing the window now clear the windows immediately
Standard Input can now be tail using filename :STDIN. Try "dir | mtail :STDIN"
* OEM charset has been added

v1.8.7 build 801 (10-01-2012)
! Fixed a bug that corrupts mTAIL starting window's size
+ It is now possible to save the window's position in addition to its size
+ Just left to the Eraser Icon, you have now an arrow that allows to maximize/minimize tail zone within mTail window
* All GUI texts are now using a ClearType font

v1.8.6 build 792 (06-16-2012)
! Fixed a bug that loose default timer setting
* By right clicking on the filter combo box you can now easily and or remove filter item
* Open with Shell / Notepad has been modified to open with Shell as default

v1.8.5 build 789 (02-13-2012)
* Big internal change : mTAIL Regular expression engine now uses Official Delphi PERL RegEx unit. This new unit is much more faster compiling RegEx.
* Filtering, Alarm and Color coding are now much much faster when using RegEx rules !
+ mTAIL now keeps horizontal scroll bar position even when new lines appear. You can change this behavior in the General confirguration tab.
* Configuration Panel has been revamped.

v1.8.3 build 777 (02-2-2012)
! Fix a bug introduced in v1.8 where mTAIL does not refresh immediatly when some parameters change (buffer, filter...).

v1.8.3 (02-01-2012)
+ Color coding has been improved to handle extended line modulo coloration
+ Color coding can now stop processing rules with the RuleStopOnOk
+ It is now possible to keep Color Coding when tailing is stopped
! The scroll mode icon was not updated if refresh rate was 1s.
* SMTP parameter has been reorganised. You can now specify the identification method
* Color Coding menu now shows Scheme Hint . Color Coding Name now show (?) if the scheme is lacking.
# Sample ccini has been updated to reflect the new features.

v1.8.2 (01-23-2012)
+ Color coding has been improved to easily color full lines according to color rules.
+ If a Color scheme is named default, it will be applied to all files that haven't a specific color scheme

! /ccini= command line parameter was not working (documentation mismatch). Now working as /ccini or /inicc
* mTAIL now searchs his ini and ccini in the following order : Forced path, mTAIL.exe path, application data path
* You can now specify the SMTP port
* About screen now shows the ini and ccini path
* If a color scheme is missing, a "?" character is added to alert the user
- old register parameter compatibility (for mTAIL 1.3 or bellow) has been removed.

v1.8.1 (12-19-2011)
# Big internal update to Delphi XE2 and Raize 6 for futur 64bits version. If you have problem with this version please email (old version is always downloadable)
! /ini= command line parameter is now working
* You can now close mTAIL using ESC key

v1.8.0 (04-15-2011)
+This version introduces Color Coding. For more info about Color Coding please see Documentation and Sample file Color Coding Ini (color coding ini is optional and should be in the same directory as mtail.ini).
# If you made a nice color coding scheme, please send it to me. I will share it for the community !
+ Alert can now launch a specific program
# Update to Raize 5.5

Old versions history


... v2.09... in progress !

- New easy Read Buffer handling
- Highly configurable alart manager
- No more registry, all stuff in INI
- May be multitab !
- Sending mails throught TSL

I work on mTAIL in my spare time. I'm not a professional nor a business... so be patient and indulgent, I do my best to include new features ;-)


Q : mTAIL is consuming to much network bandwidth when tailing on a netshare. How can I fix that ?
R : You can use activate "Fast read" option in File manager / Default Manager parameters / Default Read settings. When Fast read is on, mTAIL only read the file content when the last modification date change. You can also activate "Auto Timer" to further reduce the bandwidth !

Q : Is mTAIL Section508 compliant ?
R : Sorry no ! But mTAIL has many accessibility feature (like automatic high contrast, big font...). If someone can help me to be Section508 compliant... you are welcome.

Q : Do I need a licence for governement departement ?
R : No... mTAIL is free (see Legal Notice). But, sure, you can donate if you want to support mTAIL :-)

Q: How do I simply filter lines with text (uppercase/lowercase)
R : Just add (?i) before the text to filter. For exemple, (?i)mtail will filter all lines containing mtail without taken care of the case (ie mTAIL, mTaIl, Mtail...)

Legal Notice

By making a donation to the mTAIL project you signify that you acknowledged, understood, accepted, and agreed to the terms and conditions contained in this notice. Your donation is voluntary and is not a fee for any services, goods, or advantages, and making a donation to the mTAIL project does not entitle you to any services, goods, or advantages. We have the right to use the money you donate to the mTAIL project in any lawful way and for any lawful purpose we see fit and we are not obligated to disclose the way and purpose to any party unless required by applicable law. Although mTAIL is free software, to our best knowledge the mTAIL project does not have any tax exempt status (the mTAIL project is neither a registered non-profit corporation nor a registered charity in any country). Your donation is non-refundable.
(legal notice inspired from the wonderful TrueCrypt Project legal notice).


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