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Old mTAIL revision history (MM-DD-YYYY)

# = comment
+ = new feature
* = improved feature
! = fixed bug
- = removed feature

v1.8.12 build 832 (02-19-2013)
* File sorting now accepts numeric sorting and RegExp sorting :-)
* RDNS now detects more IP addresses (leading = and more)
# some internal changes for multitab coming in v2.0

v1.8.10 build 820 (12-11-2012)
! The File list was not displayed correctly when bigger than screen height
! Analyse % was incorrect when read buffer was too big
# Update to Raize 6.1.1

v1.8.9 build 811 (11-21-2012)
! Alarm mail was not send if SMTP authentication was set
! Clearing the window now clear the windows immediately
Standard Input can now be tail using filename :STDIN. Try "dir | mtail :STDIN"
* OEM charset has been added

v1.8.7 build 801 (10-01-2012)
! Fixed a bug that corrupts mTAIL starting window's size
+ It is now possible to save the window's position in addition to its size
+ Just left to the Eraser Icon, you have now an arrow that allows to maximize/minimize tail zone within mTail window
* All GUI texts are now using a ClearType font

v1.8.6 build 792 (06-16-2012)
! Fixed a bug that loose default timer setting
* By right clicking on the filter combo box you can now easily and or remove filter item
* Open with Shell / Notepad has been modified to open with Shell as default

v1.8.5 build 789 (02-13-2012)
* Big internal change : mTAIL Regular expression engine now uses Official Delphi PERL RegEx unit. This new unit is much more faster compiling RegEx.
* Filtering, Alarm and Color coding are now much much faster when using RegEx rules !
+ mTAIL now keeps horizontal scroll bar position even when new lines appear. You can change this behavior in the General confirguration tab.
* Configuration Panel has been revamped.

v1.8.3 build 777 (02-2-2012)
! Fix a bug introduced in v1.8 where mTAIL does not refresh immediatly when some parameters change (buffer, filter...).

v1.8.3 (02-01-2012)
+ Color coding has been improved to handle extended line modulo coloration
+ Color coding can now stop processing rules with the RuleStopOnOk
+ It is now possible to keep Color Coding when tailing is stopped
! The scroll mode icon was not updated if refresh rate was 1s.
* SMTP parameter has been reorganised. You can now specify the identification method
* Color Coding menu now shows Scheme Hint . Color Coding Name now show (?) if the scheme is lacking.
# Sample ccini has been updated to reflect the new features.

v1.8.2 (01-23-2012)
+ Color coding has been improved to easily color full lines according to color rules.
+ If a Color scheme is named default, it will be applied to all files that haven't a specific color scheme

! /ccini= command line parameter was not working (documentation mismatch). Now working as /ccini or /inicc
* mTAIL now searchs his ini and ccini in the following order : Forced path, mTAIL.exe path, application data path
* You can now specify the SMTP port
* About screen now shows the ini and ccini path
* If a color scheme is missing, a "?" character is added to alert the user
- old register parameter compatibility (for mTAIL 1.3 or bellow) has been removed.

v1.8.1 (12-19-2011)
# Big internal update to Delphi XE2 and Raize 6 for futur 64bits version. If you have problem with this version please email (old version is always downloadable)
! /ini= command line parameter is now working
* You can now close mTAIL using ESC key

v1.8.0 (04-15-2011)
+This version introduces Color Coding. For more info about Color Coding please see Documentation and Sample file Color Coding Ini (color coding ini is optional and should be in the same directory as mtail.ini).
# If you made a nice color coding scheme, please send it to me. I will share it for the community !
+ Alert can now launch a specific program
# Update to Raize 5.5

v1.7.7 (02-04-2011)
! Fix a bug introduce in 1.7.3. Font was not updated when changed in File Manager

v1.7.6 (10-26-2010)
+When RDNS is turned on, you can popup a menu in RDNS bar to copy to clipboard the DNS cache
* IP adress is now detected even if the character just after is /
* When RDNS is turned on, is now mapped to Localhost
! Fix a bug that scrambled RDNS status bar in Thread mode

v1.7.3 (09-15-2010)
+The encoding type can be changed "on the fly" by clicking in the status pane at the bottom
+ Explorer can be launched with a selected path or a filename with the action popup
* (A) is now displayed after the file encoding to show that Auto/Auto (Guess) mode is selected

* If reload is forced even if AutoMode countdown is not at 0.
! Fix a bug that prevent some ANSI char to be displayed (like €) (Thanks again to
Carsten Jäger)
# [Beta] Color Coding phase 1 is now beta-included in this release. (just click on the T= status pane to have a look [no customizations nor rules handled in this beta] !). Please report any problem !!

v1.7.1 (09-10-2010)
+Charset encoding can now be specified by default or for each file.
+ New "Auto (guess)" encoding can be used to determine the encoding of a file that has NO BOM (Thanks to Carsten Jäger).
* UTF32 and UTF32 big indian now detected but not handled yet.
* IP address is now detected even if the character just after is not a space
! Mo
difying Filter, Space, Tab... now force the reload the file
! Fix a bug that prevent UTF8 AutoOffset to work correctly
! Malformed UTF8 file are now handled and displayed correctly

v1.7.0 (09-07-2010)
+ mTAIL now supports an optional Fast reading based on last modification date !!! (Combined with autotimer, this reduce drastically I/O and processor time) !
+ The traybar popup can launch an new instance of mTail
* File manager now handles up to 1000 files
! Calling About dialog called from traybar now displays the good one
! Reading time (T=) was sometime scrambled in the status bar. It is now fixed
! FileAge now displays the same date as in OS

v1.6.2 (04-16-2010)
+ mTAIL now supports UTF8 and Unicode (bigindian) in addition of Unicode and ASCII standard !!!
* OS version and mTAIL process Id is now displayed in About and infos.
# Moved to Delphi 2010 and Raize 5.3
- Windows 95/98/Me are no more officially supported (but seems to work with Unicode package and IE8)

v1.5.9 (02-10-2010)
! Fixed an old bug that prevents loading the default buffer size value (thk to Bernd)

v1.5.8 (01-27-2010)
+ Add /ini command line to specify a INI file at startup. This is usefull when using different mTAIL environment.
! Fixed a Delphi problem when tailing files >2Go (thk to Bernard)
! Fixed the saving of filter and alarm string in Filemanager

v1.5.5 (05-16-2009)
+ Double clicking on the pathname in the main tail windows will open an explorer with the tailed file directory
+ Add a new sorting option by file creation date
+ Add an option to the SendTo, to start tailing automaticaly
+ Add /recycle the command line to start an new tailing or recycle a previous instance
# The filename to tail in the command line can be everywhere(no more only in first position)
# Info dialog is now part of the parameter dialog (last tabsheet)

! Fixed the sorting option Asc. FileAge

v1.5.2 (05-14-2009)
+ A new option in general configuration allows to remove the path of the tailed file in the taskbar button.
! Fixed the line and filtered line count broken in version 1.5.0

v1.5.0 (03-16-2009)
+ UNICODE SUPPORT !!! (please report any problem with this new feature !)
# The alarm can now be easely inverted like the filter
! Fixed some access violation in 64btis with Raize Component in Thread mode

v1.4.32 to v1.4.35 (06-13-2008)
! Keep Window Size was not working in some cases
! The SMTP password was not saved correctly
! The filter and Alarm passed to the command lines were sometime not working
# The readbuffer size is now in kilobytes (before it was in bytes), allowing you to analyse much more data !
# New internal memory managment for analysing RegExp and filtering
# The test eMail for mail alerts include now the SMTP server name
+ When filtering, you can now display lines just BEFORE the filtered line, or just AFTER the filtered line or BOTH (Configuration Screen)
+ The trayicon menu can now Hide All mTail Windows, or SHow All mTail Windows
+ When dealing with a big readbuffer to analyse, mTail now display the progression in the statusbar

v1.4.31 to v1.4.32 (03-17-2008)
+ New command line parameter /f= and /a= to start mTail with filter or alarm parameter.

v1.4.25 to v1.4.31 (02-18-2008)
! Fix a bug that cause parameters wrong the very first time mTail was started
! Fix a bug in restoreWindows Size not working in some case
# Update to Raize 4.3.2
# Migration to Delphi 2007
+ You can now choose the colors of mTail main form. You can even setup day and night colors that switch automaticaly. All this stuff is located on the Color tab of the Configuration screen.

v1.4.22 to v1.4.25 (10-23-2007)
! Seems now Vista 100% compatible ! (ouch !)
# Update to Raize 4.3.1
+ The clear button (the pencil rubber) can now be use to truncate or delete the file physically (see the hint for more info)
* Speedup in saving mtail params to the ini file

v1.4.20 to v1.4.22 (03-13-2007)
# v1.4.21 Migration from Delphi 7 to Delphi 2006. Not Relesed.
! Correct a bug in Windows Vista (black colors)
! Correct traybay menu (about not working, empty start Filename)
+ The Tail Statusbar now displays the encoding type of the file (ansi, unicode, RTF...) for preparation of version v1.5

v1.4.19 to v1.4.20 (10-12-2006)
+ Add a checkbox in the Configuration Panel to add mTail in the Shell Send To popup

v1.4.18 to v1.4.19 (04-02-2006)
+ Add a clear button to "clear" the tail windows
+ Add the possibility to send an Alert eMail when an alert occured
+ Add a start button to tail a file directly from the Tree windows

v1.4.17 to v1.4.18 (08-11-2005)
! On some computers, the default parameters were not set on the first start of mTail
* The statusbar has been modified to be more readable
* The status of the reverse DNS is now displayed in the status bar.

v1.4.15 to v1.4.17 (08-09-2005)
! Spelling of Filtered in the status bar
! The auto offset was not working for file smaller than the read buffer
* The size of the File Manager Window is now propotional to the mTail main window
+ The checkbox "Kill Line" have been moved to the Tail Popup Windows
+[BETA] A new feature "R. DNS" (for Reverse DNS) checkbox is avalaible in the upper Panel. When checked, mTail will replace all IP addresses with the DNS host name. DNS Queries are signle-queued in background. The resolved host names are put in bracket. If the query returns nothing, the IP is returned between question marks.

v1.4.13 to v1.4.14 (06-20-2005)
! Fix the DOWNLOAD link in this page (linking to an old version). Thx to Heinz
! The /minimize command line option was not working in some case. This is now fixed.

v1.4.12 to v1.4.13 (06-17-2005)
! Fix a big bug introiduce in 1.4.12 that could crash the mtail.ini when stopping the Tail
! The autotimer flag was not saved in the default param
+ You can now change the color of the text to tail
# Changed to Raize 3.0.13

v1.4.2 to v1.4.12 (06-10-2005)
# v1.5.0 pre-release

v1.4.1 to v1.4.2 (03-02-2003)
+ A new option (Wrap) allows line wrapping while tailing. This can avoid horizontal scrolling.
! Fixed a bug in drag'n'drop

v1.4.0 to v1.4.1 (12-02-2003)
! The alarm bug is finnaly fixed !
+ When you check the alarm checkbox, the alarm window is now shown
! Some "hanging" when closing mTAIL should be resolved now
+ When mTAIL read the directory list, a message is now displayed in statusbar

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